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“The Tuna will take you to the 'Huerto' ”


Since 1988 the Tuna de Medicina de Murcia have actively taken part in the festivals which the city holds for the Feria de septiembre (The September Fair). In fact, they set up one of their very own 'Huertos' ( small outside enclosure where you can eat and drink) in the botanical gardens of Malecón, in memory of the old and traditional huertos which used to be there many years before, when it was known as El Huerto del Convento de San Francisco (The Huerto of the Convent of Saint Francis).

The area of the Huertos de Malecón, during the approximately 15 days that it lasts, is dedicated to, afternoon and night, the sampling of typical "huertano" food (typical food of the 'Huerta' - the fertile land around Murcia) in the different Huertos or 'ventanillos' (small stands) which are set up by different groups and associations which make up the Folklore Association of Murcia, to which the Tuna de Medicina also belong.

Apart from the typical folklore groups of Murcia which set up their Huerto, you can also find the Huerto de la Hermindad del Rocío de Murcia with opportunities to sample the food and enjoy rociero music every night; and the Tuna´s neighbours in the Malecón gardens, the Huerto de Etnomurcia, in which, there are also nightly live performances of groups, of all ages, who play traditional music, from the very cultural roots of Murcia.

During the Feria de Septiembre the Malecón gardens are equally dedicated to leisure, cultural displays on stands, sampling of typical products and exhibitions of different activities of the prestigious international Mediterranean Folklore Festival which also takes place during these dates. Small craft markets are set up and there are programmed live performances every night on the central stage of the gardens and in every one of the individual Huertos.

In an informal atmosphere the people of Murcia turn up each night to the Malecón gardens to enjoy a mixture of smells, tastes, sounds and colours which make up the culture of the people of Murcia: huerta, music and tradition.

The Huerto of the Tuna de medicina is the most peculiar and exceptional of the huertos during the festivals because in it you can dine on the most varied dishes, from the range of delicious food of Murcia, enjoy the famous and "sung about" paparajotes (a traditional dessert consisting of a lemon leaf coated in a mixture of sugar, dough and cinnamon) and, in addition, have a few drinks during the performances that every night they offer in their huerto, all until well into the early hours of the morning. Tuna music at the start of every night gives way to all types of songs and performances in a friendly and agreeable atmosphere with all those who pass listening, participating and enjoying the September nights in the open air of the Malecón gardens. In the Huerto, entertainment and fun is guaranteed every night.

Es el Huerto de la Tuna de Medicina el más peculiar y singular de los que se instalan durante las fiestas porque en él se pueden cenar los más variados platos de nuestra exquisita comida murciana, degustar los famosos y “cantados” paparajotes y, además, tomar unas copas en las actuaciones que todas las noches se ofrecen en su huerto hasta bien entrada la madrugada. La música de tuna al principio de cada noche da paso a todo tipo de canciones y actuaciones en un ambiente cordial y ameno con todos los que se pasan a escuchar, participar y disfrutar de las noches de septiembre al aire libre del Jardín del Malecón. En este huerto se garantiza cada noche la diversión.